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About Us

Every country has its own cultural heritage. This culture is made differently in different country. In Bangladesh this is known as folk culture, which contains a vast reservoir of folk songs. Folk songs are our original country music, which formed the basis of our culture. Folk and Baul songs reflect our traditional values, heritage and spiritual dimension; invite people irrespective of castes, religion and colour.  
These are the songs that provide the concept and vision of an indiscriminate society and a non-violent approach towards mankind. They are the ancient community with melodious voice and gifted mind. But the existence of those artists is now at stake because of poor institutional support, unemployment and financial insecurity.  

Pally Baul Samaj Unnayan Sangstha aims to preserve and revive the cultural traditions at one hand and develop the socio-economic status of the Folklore community on the other, organization intends to develop the capacity of the Bauls and involve them in the immense potential and the ever-creative mind of a folklore artist, if properly nourished, can be utilized in the successful implementation of the social development efforts, particularly in social campaigning and advocacy field.

In order to preserve and promote our folk tradition and to establish the value and the socio-economic status of Baul artists and the folklore community, Pally Baul Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (PBSUS) was established in 1998. Later in 2001,the organization got registration from the Social Welfare Department (Registration Number: Dha -07028). In 2006,it also got NGO Bureau Registration ( 2060,Dated-24/01/06).