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Our Achievements

We completed attaining the 3000 Baul-Folk songs around the country to publish a book.
We colleted audio track of 500 popular Baul-Folk songs sang by the original singers and preserved them in MP3 format.
We regularly arrange Training Programme on presenting and singing different Baul and Folk songs in original manner and tune.
We are regularly organizing Folk and Baul musical programmes for various organization and institutes to promote Bangladeshi culture.
We arrange regularly 'Laloon Baul Festival' to celebrate the Birth and death anniversary of Laloon Shah.
We are regularly arranging cultural programme to celebrate the Bengali New year since 1998.
Every year we arrange a Three day Folk and Baul Festival to pay a tribute to the traditional songs of Bangladesh such as 'Pala-Gan', 'Kobi-Gan', 'Pot-Gan', 'Jari-Sari Gan', 'Bhaowaiya-Bhatiyali Gan' and 'Murshidi Gan'.
Every year we arrange a 'Local Musical Instrument Exhibition' to make the instruments familiar to the young generation. The instruments features 'Ek-Tara', 'Do-Tara', 'Sharinda', 'Dhool', 'Bengali Fluet', 'Mondira', 'Jal-Taranga', 'Khol-Nal' etc.
We celebrate and conduct cultural awareness programme on the special days declared by The United Nations (UN) through out the year. Among them- 'International Mother Language Day', 'World Women Day', 'World HIV/Aids Day' 'World Environment Day', 'Child Rights Preservation Day', 'World Human Rights Day', 'World Disabled Day', 'World Tribal Day', 'World Tourism Day', 'World Health Day' etc.