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To establish the value of Baul Artists of the society, in remote area, through organizing training for them and to highlight the abolishing folk culture through organizing entertaining cultural program.
We work relentlessly to promote the thousand year rich Folk Cultural heritage of Bangladesh to the world.
To related the Folk artists/Bauls in different social and economic activities e.g. awareness raising of the community people through organizing musical programs highlighting the development issues, like rehabilitation of disabled children, environmental pollution, gender discrimination, family planning, social exploitation, organize forming personal hygiene, E.P.L, safe (Arsenic free) water, sanitation. Child-rights, child labor etc and to promote secular culture and outlook in social life.
To provide financial assistance for employment generation for Folk Artists.
To accumulate the capital by growing saving tendency within the Folk Artists community.
To organize seminar and symposium with the help of Folk researchers and intellectuals in different parts of the country with a view to highlight the tradition of the country.
To aware and train the Folk artists regarding abolishing Folk music, composer and poets. We also take initiative to restore the abolishing traditional Folk culture of late artists. And collect, preserve, reproduce and present to the community those songs (which songs are at risks of extinction or once sung during religious festivals, plantation, rice husking, boat racing, wedding ceremony etc).
To restore the traditional musical instruments (like Dhool, Ektara, Dotara, Khajani, Sarinda, Flute, Drum, Khomok etc.), use those in our Folk songs and take back our Folk and ancient culture.
Organize Baul Mela, Kabi gan, Jari gan, Pala gan, special day program (like observation of 1st Baisakh), seminars etc.