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Previous Projects

Awareness building programme regarding environmental pollution in collaboration with Ministry of Environment of Government of Bangladesh in year 2002.  
Awareness building programme regarding Arsenic effect with partnership with Public Health Department of Ministry of Local of Bangladesh and UNICEF in the year 2003.
Awareness-building programme on personal hygiene in collaboration with Unilever Bangladesh in the year 2003-2004.
Awareness-building programme on HIV/AIDS in collaboration with KOINONIA in the year 2006.
'Preservation of Music and Cultural Traditions' in 2004 -2005 with The Embassy of The United States of America, Dhaka, Bangladesh

On going Projects

‘Preservation & Awareness Raising on Folklore Tradition’ (2007) with The Embassy of The Federal Republic of Germany  
Awareness building programme on Disabled, Tribal people and Gender Dissimilarity through cultural performance with RDRS.