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About Us

Pally Baul Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (PBSUS) is a nonprofit organization working for important social, cultural, and development related issues with its expertise in conducting research and arranging cultural activities. Particularly, PBSUS has been relentlessly working to bring change to the lives of Folk/Baul artists of Bangladesh by upholding their identity, uniqueness and rights. Over the years, PBSUS has been known as one of the leading organizations in the arena of preserving folk culture, and disseminating the messages of peace, harmony, and intolerance through organizing folk musical programs.

Both in the urban and rural areas of Bangladesh, folk songs like baul songs, palagan, gambhira, bhawiya Jarigan, etc are strong tools for increasing social awareness. PBSUS, several times, took this opportunity to reach the people by organizing a huge number of folk cultural programs at different levels; starting from slums, villages, schools to foreign embassies located in Dhaka. In sum, PBSUS’ mission is preserving folk songs, culture, and tradition, conducting research on the threats and possibilities of Baul/folk culture, and employing folk culture as a tool of increasing societal awareness in Bangladesh.

Organization Goal

Pally Baul Samaj Unnayan Sangstha aims at preserve and revive the cultural traditions at one hand and develop the socio-economic status through capacity building of the Folklore community on the other thus contribute to the overall development process of Bangladesh government.

Contextual experience

Every country has its own cultural heritage. This culture is made differently in different country. In Bangladesh this is known as folk culture, which contains a vast reservoir of folk songs. Folk songs are our original country music, which formed the basis of our culture. Folk and Baul songs reflect our traditional values, heritage and spiritual dimension; invite people irrespective of castes, religion and colour. These are the songs that provide the concept and vision of an indiscriminate society and a non-violent approach towards mankind. The Sufi-mystics-both male and female-travel from place to place in gerua attire, carrying musical instruments like Ektara, Dotara, Khanjani and Dhol and a bag called anchala; they are the traditional Bauls and Boyatis. They are the ancient community with melodious voice and gifted mind.

Pally Baul Samaj Unnayan Sangstha is a cultural NGO which has experience in various social development issues. We relate the Folk artist/Baul Artists in different social and economic activities through organizing musical programs highlighting various social issues. For last fourteen years we have been working with the help of RDRS, Ministry of Health Ministry of Local Government ,Ministry of Education , JICA, CIDA, Oxfam, AOF, Government awareness program, UNESCO participation program, EMK and Dhaka City Corporation. We were able to contribute significantly in increasing children education rate including advocating for quality education with emphasis on Girls education, reducing early marriage. We also worked widely on Women empowerment, Women rights, Mother & Child Health, promoting hygiene, raising awareness adolescent reproductive health and hygiene in both rural and urban slum areas of Bangladesh. Through implementing the various project activities we experienced that the percentage of female are more pro-active than male participants in contributing to the massage dissemination at household level. Based on our previous experiences, we are able to create awareness among these people through our popular folk musics. As a part of our action, we will select some group of people and will try to implement among deprive community.

Organization Strength/ Resources

- Pally Baul Samaj Unnayan Sangstha has a highest large Baul Network in Bangladesh, mainly living in different Akhras in Kushtia , Sylhet and other region.

- We have 350 Baul Artists, song writer, composer and Musicians.

- Pally Baul Samaj Unnayan Sangstha has a separate Research unit to create an opportunity to know about Baul culture, lives and to preserve those, which will eventually help to establish a tolerant and secular society in Bangladesh.

- 15 dedicated official manpower to manage any where any kind of awareness program in Bangladesh.

- We have number of Folk instruments

- Good relation with both electronic and print media.

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