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Project Name: Awareness Campaign program

Project period – 2017 -2018
Sponsor: Bangladesh Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Project Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE) & World Bank Dhaka Office

Activities: Public health department has taken the project of ‘’Bangladesh rural water supply and sanitation, with the scheme of piped water supply in Thana places.
Area: 37 unions
Role of PBSUs: Pally Baul Samaj Unnayan Sangstha has been organized to motivate the rural people for increasing the water uses.

Project Name: UNESCO Participation Program

Project period – 2014-2015
Elimination of Gender Gap through Kavigan - a popular folk item of Bangladesh
Project Area- District of Sunamganj 8 Upozela 24 Union.

Object of the Project:
01. Reduce incidents of early marriage;
02. Prevent dowry system in the rural community;
03. Increase awareness on reproductive health and hygiene management of adolescents and rural women;
04. Encourage sending girls to school;
05. Tackle girls student dropout at secondary level;
06. Promote role of women in decision making process in family.

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